Saturday, December 22, 2007

Allie Update

Hello! Welcome back to me! Nope... I didn't go anywhere, but have stayed so busy and haven't been able to update you on Little Miss Allie's NICU Adventure. She is doing fabulous, first of all. The nurses still seem to find her adorable and I do plan to bring her back to them to visit after they let her come home with us full time. She is still a bit feisty - she isn't fond of the feeding tube and occassionally yanks it right out of her (the nurses LOVE when she does this!!). The nasal canula is also a favorite thing for her to tug on, too. This causes alarms to go off, which thrills everyone, too. She is opening her eyes more - much to the pleasure of her Mommy. But, don't worry... she is still sleeping like she should and sometimes I leave her alone.

If you don't get dizzy easily, watch the following video to see her sleeping and then starting to play with the wires. I am not so good at multi-tasking with a camera and as I was trying to get the wires out of her hands, the camera moved a bit. Sorry.

Thanks for checking out her webpage! Sorry it took me so long to update you... stay tuned or come back soon for pictures with Santa Claus and Allie in real clothes! It just keeps getting better, doesn't it?

More soon.......
Sandy A/K/A Allie's Mommy


Jenny G said...

Ah, the nasal canular, Victoria was also not a fan of this and they had to put the little tape by her ears to keep it on!

Sandy said...

So, Victoria taught her, did she? The tape by the ears doesn't seem to work for them. Allie is determined to not have anything sticking in her nose!

Thanks for keeping up with my angel!!

Gatlinburg roomie :) said...

hey sandy,tim,nikki,and allie i mikss yall and i cant wait to see you again yall are the best and good luck on being parents and i hope allie gets out of the hospital soon!!!!

love yall, hannah banana

Sherry said...

Girl, I cannot wait to see the scrapbooks!