Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Your Link to Our Superstar

Look! It's Allie's TV Debut!!
(Special thanks to Jason O'Brien for producing our movie of Allie's TV Debut - he is so good at this stuff!!)

Allie and her buddy, Hannah O'Brien
(Melissa and Jason's daughter) at the Buddy Walk.

Additional thanks goes out to Randy Mize for getting our story to ABC 33/40 by way of Tracy Bynum who then turned it over to Roy Hobbs. It was a pleasure meeting Roy and the Mr. Cameraman (oops... I didn't get your name, I'm sorry!). We had fun and look forward to telling Allie how she was famous before she was a year old. I think we next need to look into going to the Big Screen now. (Jason - you on this???).


Sandy said...

Jason - Thank you so much for producing our film! We are so excited about this and I hear you are MORE than willing to produce all of our home videos and make them professional, too. Thanks! You are the best. I should pay you, but I know you are all into doing this just for the love of Allie. :-)

Larry said...

Please know that an angel among you blesses my heart far away in the woods of west Louisiana!
as daughter sandy Morrison knows well, I have a small "playhouse town" down the lane from my house for all us kids to play in.... It would be my privilege to one day meet Allie and watch her smile!
Larry Morrison (father of Sandy)

Sandy said...

Well, Mr. Morrison. We will have to arrange that! I'm glad that Allie makes you smile. You made her smile by being with us in spirit the day of the Buddy Walk. Thanks!!
Allie's Mom