Monday, October 20, 2008

Sharing an UP Day with Friends

Hello from the Lovell's. Nope... we aren't in TV land today. It's amazing, but no Movie Offers have been made yet. :-) I wanted to just put some pictures out here from the Buddy Walk and thank everyone again for joining us, donating to us, thinking of us and just sharing the joy of Allie with us. We are raising awareness left and right and you are all to thank for it!

I should have details on all the online donations at the end of the month as well as the totals that we raised. I'll put a post out here as soon as I get the details. Of course, you may have to suffer through some Halloween photos first. :-)

Have a terrific day!

Tim, Sandy, Sheila and Marley - Allie's NICU buddy

Nathan Henderson and Allie Lovell

6 week old Nathan is Allie's youngest ally

LeLe wants to hug and kiss Allie while Mommy Katie
and I watch. LeLe is almost 10 months old

Yolanda's Girl Scout troop cheered Allie on

Shea finally gets a chance to hold Allie, but it wasn't for long!

Melissa and I with our "Babies", Hannah and Allie

stay tuned... more pictures to come

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