Monday, October 20, 2008

News Crew Visits Allie at School

Oh my gosh at the excitement! Our little Allie is a Superstar! She was "interviewed" for the local news yesterday! It was a lot of fun having important news folks from ABC 33/40 come visit her at school. They met her teachers, her therapists and her classmates. They even got to watch as Allie and her friends enjoyed Music Therapy. You know Mom was there with her camera (surprise!!) and grabbed a couple pictures. I hope to have a link available soon for you to watch the newscast if you missed it. I think they should re-air it... maybe daily for a while. Allie was cute as a button.

In fact, they can just re-air the Allie parts. I'm so proud of our Lil' Bit. She is such a trooper. She puts up with all that I subject her to including bake sales, walks, passing her from person to person, magazine articles (more about that to come) and now she is a television star! She just grins and bears it. She is so patient and loving. We are so happy and lucky to have her! I hope that others that meet Allie will learn what we are learning. She is just a little girl changing the world one heart at a time. She has Down syndrome, but that isn't stopping her in the least. I think we will all continue to learn from her and others facing the possibility of having a child with Down syndrome may learn from Allie that their life is about to change and the change is going to be better than they ever imagined. Beware... you will learn there is a deeper love than you can believe exists. You will also learn that every milestone will be a huge and happy celebration. You won't want to miss a thing!

Thanks to everyone at Allie's School for the love and support they give her. Meredith is Allie's buddy and speech therapist. Allie loves to hang out with Meredith!

Stay tuned for more Allie on the news!


Katie said...

Allie - You were wonderful on your debut!! I am so proud of you!

LeLe and Katie

Meredith said...

Let's see just how much she loves me when I really start pushing her! :) You know I love my girl and all of us at "UPC" (hee hee) are sooo proud of her! Meredith