Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tink Says Don't Blink

or you'll miss the magic of another
Amazing Allie moment.

Here it comes....

It's rare to catch a new skill as you see it unfold, but considering I take a lot of videos and pictures I guess the odds are in my favor that every now and then it will pay off. It worked tonight. I was hoping to catch Allie getting on her knees as she has done the past few days, but she gave me another surprise. I apologize for the loud squeals. I tried to remain quiet - and for me, I think I did pretty good. Then after a few off camera hoots, hollers, hugs, kisses and claps, I started the video again ... (you may want to turn your PC sound off or down really low)

We hope your day is magical, too!


Scott, Michelle and Edie said...

Yea Allie!!!!!!!! I am so excited for her and you! It is obvious what a wonderful set of parents you are to Allie. She is doing so well not only because she is so smart and wonderful but also because you have been working so hard with her. It really shows! Congratulations Allie!

jennhenders said...

The Amazing Allie does it again! I love this, Sandy. Thanks for sharing. What a sweet moment...and a sweet little girl!

SavannaLea said...

Way to go Allie!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, acrobatic Allie!!! YAY!!! What a big girl!!!

a prayerful heart said...

Having had the opportutnity to watch Allie grow and progress has certainly been entertaining and a joy. She has overcome such unbelievable odds and continues to be an amazement daily. As decisions are not mine to be made, as is probably for the best, please know that I have lifted up many prayers on behalf of your precious Allie and for her continued growth and the happiness of your family. Sometimes life hands us difficult situations and we can never be sure the best way to proceed, other than to pray. I also know that His plans can and often do turn out to be the dearest and most valuable blessings of our lifetimes. I know that in a sense we share that same sentiment. God Bless You and your family . Love and treasure that most precious gift as we will continue to love and treasure ours.

Sandy said...

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments. I know I scream my enthusiasm for all that Allie is learning. I just get so excited for her! It is so much fun to watch her learn and grow!!

A special note to A Prayerful Heart. It doesn't matter that I don't know you personally, what matters is that you've taken the time to pray for us. Clearly your prayers are being answered. Allie is such a joy to us and is doing wonderfully. Thank you for taking the time to get to know Allie and for letting us know that we aren't alone. I don't know your story, but you have been added to my prayer list. I feel everyone can use prayers and strength and love. May He always remain close to your heart. Sincerely, Sandy

Anonymous said...

Y E A A L L I E !!!

Your first sitting up! You are accomplishing SO many things ... and we are so very proud of you!!!

Granma and I love seeing you on video and in pictures, and wish we lived next door to we could see and hold you every day.

Love, Grandpa