Monday, May 18, 2009

Have I Told You

that I L O V E my school??

I really do. I learn a lot and get lots of hugs and love and the other kids play really nice with me. Today, my friend Jay called me by name and brought me a ball to play with. He bounced it on my head at first, but it didn't hurt. He then handed it to me. Mommy was there and she thought it was so cute how he said "Allie ball". She likes that I'm tough and don't cry over little things like a bouncy ball. She bounces it on my head too and we laugh.

I go to school with a lot of other kids and we are learning fun things like how to paint and roll and some know how to walk and crawl. I'm really close to crawling, but for now I'm still liking to sit and play and roll around and talk a lot. My therapists come see me at school and work with me, but lately I'd rather play. I try to tell them but they don't seem to give in. So, I have to work. But, it is paying off. I'm doing a lot of sign language and getting stronger all the time. Mommy says I'm learning the word No. I let her think she is right... sometimes.

I really love my teachers, too. They love to play with me and they help me keep my hearing aids in. I think it is fun to take them out, but they don't seem bothered and just say No, Allie and I'm starting to listen. I love to wave at them and smile, too. Oh... my new trick is to stick my tongue out. Daddy and Mommy thought everyone in my class taught me to do this, but then they learned that I taught everyone. It is most fun to do it during lunch. :-)

I hope you liked the pictures of me at school with my friends.

Oh.. P.S. Guess what I did for Mommy and Daddy tonight? I signed the word Baby. Mommy gets so excited when I show her something new. I think I'll wait a few more days to do a new word. She likes watching me learn.

This is what I usually look like when Mommy picks me up from school. Me exhausted...

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