Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mommy Day Was Great!

Allie and I had a wonderful Mother's Day. I got to play with her all day long!!! We had a lot of fun with just playing and we took a walk and we sang and danced and just had fun. We also pulled out the paints and painted and got some feet and hand prints, too. I do think I should have stopped before the purple paint was introduced. I knew she was getting tired, but thought she could hold off a bit. I put the paint on the paper and then she got all nice and painted hands and then... she rubbed her very tired face and eyes. I was about to wash it off really quick, but then realized... it was already there and the camera was right next to me. I knew you'd all be so disappointed with only the story and no visual. She is so helpful in this manner!

We really had a wonderful time. Tim and Allie got me a tasty cake and we ordered pizza and had just a nice day and evening hanging out as a family. It really doesn't get much better than this. Life is so grand and while it was always really great.. it is amazingly awesome with my little Allie in my life!

We hope your Mother's Day was grand, too.

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Anonymous said...

Allie: Your school and Mommy's Day pictures and comments were great. We love to hear what is happening in your daily life.

Are you avoiding purple paint these days?

The things you do are so new and exciting for you. Granma and I can hardly wait until we next see and hold you, and have you do for us all those things.

Love, Grandpa