Thursday, December 6, 2007

Watch out world.. here I GROW again!

Allie is just amazing us in so many ways. She is doing wonderful and they have increased her calories to 30 calories every 3 hours. She seems to be getting the Sandy/Tim round face and filling out a bit (too bad Mommy and Daddy are still doing that, too). You already learned that Allie is a "flipper", but she also seems to be demonstrating some preliminary crawling abilities. I came in one day to find that she had scooted up toward the front of her "condo". Her head was only a few inches from the wall and normally she is right in the center. I moved her back and sure enough, she just started scooting on her arms and knees. I'll have to see if I have that on video. But, trust me... she is amazing!

I do like this video that I must post. I know... bad mommy for trying to wake a sleeping baby. She seems to be giving me all sorts of expressions that I read loud and clear as "leave me alone! I'm sleeping", but of course... I didn't. It is fun to be the Mom. :-)


Jenny G said...

I LOVE the picture of her hands together, so precious!

Trisha said...

She is amazing.

I would want to wake her up if I were you too!

Love you guys!

Love, Auntie Trisha