Monday, January 28, 2008

Let's Go Home, Baby!

We made it! We are now home and loving every minute with our baby! I even figure the first 3AM feeding won't be so bad, right????? This is a blast and Allie is loving it. On the way home, we stopped to get take out to avoid having to cook anything. She didn't mind the car ride or the sun shining through the windows at all. Of course, she slept the whole time. When we got home, she woke up and she looked all around at everything. She is very alert and awake. Both her and Nicky have done well. Nicky was curious, but has already calmed down, although he has his eye on a few toys and a pacifier. She has not been fussy much at all either. We've had a blast already and she has had 5 visitors so far!

More pictures to follow (of course!)
The comfy at home Lovell Family


Trisha said...

Now that's what I like to see! You all look so at home! Allie, you are so lucky to be home with Mommy and Daddy! They love you so much! I can't wait to come visit you at home baby girl! I love you so much!

Love, Auntie Trisha

PS...Aunt Sandy, remember to give her a hug a kiss from me every hour and that I will be down whenever you want to change diapers and everything!

Love you guys!


Mama Linda said...

I'm so happy for all of you! I am sure, after looking at your message today, that it's better that I wasn't there to see you off! I know I would have blubbered like a baby! Just what you would have needed, huh? I hope that you'll keep in touch, I'll look forward to hearing all about your new life as "family"!

Love, Linda

Savanna said...

Yea!!! so glad everyone is now safe and sound at home!!! Let me know if you are up for visitors this weekend, as I have some goodies for everybody, even Nicky!!

Holly Kincaid said...

Such a happy sweet family!!!
I am so proud of Little Allie for making it home with Mommy and Daddy! She is just beaming with love for you guys!
Hope to see and hold her soon - let me know when you are up for company!

BlessedMom said...


Brandy T said...

Yay Allie!!! You are home!! I got here last night... and there was NO ALLIE for me to hold!! :( You look so darn comfy at home with your mommy and daddy and dog brother too! It makes me teary eyed and I can catch a glimpse of the jubilation your parents are feeling right now! Its almost 6 am on your 2nd morning at your home...hope you haven't kept your parents up too much!! Just remember..I wuv you I wuv you I wuv you!!!!

xxoo Brandy T at Shelby

GrandpaH said...

Oh boy Allie! ... you are finally home! Your at home family pictures are great! Granma & I are looking forward to when we can next visit you.

Lots of love & kisses!

Grandpa Hugh

Anonymous said...

Dear Allie: I am not really 'Anonymous' ... I am your loving Grandpa Hugh, who just can't seem to get my previous 'love notes' to you posted under my name.

Granma Connie are so glad that you are home with Mom & Dad - and your #1 dog, Nicky. The at home pictures are great and we are so glad you continue to do so well. What a girl!

We are very much looking forward to our next visit with you Allie!

Until then ... ALL OUR LOVE!!!

Grandpa Hugh