Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just Hanging Out with Allie

Life is good! Allie is doing wonderful!

Last week, we went back to the cardiologist and the surgeons office and both were happy with Allie and her progress. Good news is that stitches were taken out, no fluid was found in her lungs and the previous small VSD they saw was not visible at the appointment!! There was still some leakage within the VSD patch, but they said this is common and they expect it to clear up on its own. If it doesn't, she still will not be hindered by it in any way!!

Allie is enjoying some major spoiling of course by Mom and Dad, but by Granma and Grandpa from Elgin, Illinois. They are in to visit and help for a few weeks and boy oh boy what a help they are!! I know... Allie is tiny, but still... new baby and all... we are enjoying the assistance! We are getting back to normal at our jobs, too, which I'm sure the bosses are glad about and Allie is getting settled and seriously thriving every day. She loves to babble, smile and oh.. she can let you know when you are a bit too slow with that bottle! Oh... go ahead... hold it "wrong", she will put both hands on it and fix it for you. She is also getting to be friends with the pacifier and can hold onto it very well. She continues to delight us as if you didn't know.

Smiles just for Grandpa as he holds Allie for the first time
Granma is great with a book and Allie loves books!
Nothing like sleeping in Granma's arms
Except for sleeping in Grandpa's arms.

We go to the pediatrician in the morning, so we should have some new stats soon (height and weight of course) . She also has had several visitors and she continues to charm all she meets. She also wanted me to say HI THERE to everyone!
Leah and Sheila come to meet Little Al and bring the nicest hats and blankets! Thanks to Leah's Mom. they are gorgious!
See Allie you can hear her saying "Why is Nicky wearing a hat?". Welcome to our crazy family, Allie! We love you and WE will challenge YOU. :-)

Have a terrific week!!


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Jenny G said...

So glad to see you are settled back in at home and that Allie is doing so well!