Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Let's just play!

Allie was so sweet playing her little game last night. She really just fascinates us with all that she is doing. She is very close to rolling over already, too! She rolls on her side easily. But, after this week, she may not be able to roll over for a while due to Dr's orders, but she is so close right now and she is having fun, so that is all that matters.

Today we head to UAB and get this process started to get her healthier. We are actually looking forward to it in a way because we know this is the best thing for her and she will be able to really grow and thrive after it is over. She is so ready to be able to continue to play and eat without getting so tired. Oh.. and besides, we really don't have a choice in the matter anyway. We have to repair her heart... so, let's get it over with. I'm not sure how quick I'll update her blog, but you know I will as soon as possible. You may want to check the comments because I have a feeling someone will post something when she is out of surgery. (hint hint)

Allie is a wonderful baby and she is so lucky to have all of you caring and praying for us. Thank you so much for the love you are giving us.


Sandy & Tim

Allie says "ooh gaa urg ackq"

Allie and her cousin Christina and her Aunt Susan
and cousin Jake.

Allie just chillin' out and then playing. She is good at both.

Allie playing with Daddy - the many expressions of our little girl:


Jenny G said...

She is adorable! We will be thinking and praying for ya'll tomorrow, I'm sure I'll get a report via the grapevine!

Crystal said...

Wishing your family the best for tomorrow, Sandy. Thinking about you always!