Sunday, September 28, 2008


Hi there! Allie is sitting on my lap talking up a storm. She hasn't felt well lately, but right now she is interested in my fingers on the keyboard. You will know if she gets a hold of them. :-) She has had a cold and been congested a lot lately. This weekend she has been fussy and not feeling well. Poor baby! But, we took some pictures last week and wanted to share them with you. She is becoming such the grown up girl! She now weighs over 9 pounds and 13 ounces and is 24 inches long. She is wearing 3-6 month clothes, but the newborn shoes still seem to fit best. It has been fun shopping for her. She seems to have a girls view of clothes and gets so excited when I show her outfits and try things on like hats and shoes. She must get this talent from her Daddy because as you all know blue jeans and t-shirts are the extent of my fashion bug. But, I admit. It is a heck of a lot more fun shopping for Allie than it ever was shopping for me!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures and know that Allie is practicing to "blow you kisses". We are working on the ability to get them to travel past me. So far, I seem to catch them all.

Have a wonderful week. Happy Autumn and have fun welcoming in October!!

Allie and her typist (A/K/A Aggrrhbbhhhrrbbggrah)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Allie! It's Grandpa! We just saw your Sept. 28th pictures. They are great ... but, I want to know who is the boy in the blue outfit ... that you are holding hands with! Grandpa is supposed to clear all your dates! I see you are 'topless' in some of your pictures. I hope 'Little Boy Blue' doesn't see you topless!

Granma & Grandpa LOVE our Allie, and are anxious to see you, Mom, Dad & Nicky!