Monday, October 13, 2008

The Buddy Walk is Coming Up!

We are getting so excited! Seems like Ms. Allie will have a nice big team walking with us at her FIRST buddy walk! This is going to be so much fun! For those of you that come register the day of the event... just look for us. We may be hard to miss with all of us there. We should even have signs letting you know where Allie's Allies are located! We are thrilled and very touched so many of you have made online donations and stopped by to donate to this wonderful cause. Donations can be made through the month of October to go in the total for our team, Allie's Allies.

Thanks to everyone at Compass Bank that came to our Bake Sale! You are all ALLIE'S ALLIES!

Poor Allie had a busy and then perhaps boring weekend. On Friday, Allie came to work with Mommy! We were hosting a bake sale in Honor of Allie and the Buddy Walk, so it was only right that Allie attend the sale after baking a few things the night before. While here at work, she got a lot of attention (you figured that, right?) and the bake sale was a huge sucess. Then, she went to daycare for a bit and that night went to an Uppercase Living party (cool stuff) with Mommy. She was just a perfect little angel with all the women. Then, she had fun on Saturday because we went to pre-register for the buddy walk and while Mommy did the work, Allie got loved on by everyone. Ms. Betty Bell ( got to meet Allie and play with her for quite a while. Ms. Bell said that Allie is the happiest baby she has ever met. Allie seemed to like that. Then, we met up with Daddy and went to Kaitlyn Johnson's first birthday party. Allie seemed to have a lot of fun there - until a toy hit her arm - ahhh ... our first bithday party injury. Not to worry, a few tears later and the huge bottom lip protruding for a bit and she was fine as could be. Kaitlyn even shared her birthday toys with Allie. Then, we came home to r e l a x . Then, Mommy got sick and was out of mommy-commission for a whole day! While Daddy did good to enterain Allie, I think both Allie and I missed each other. She seemed very low key and okay about it all, but once I was feeling slightly better last night, she had a lot to say to me in very loud squeels. She is precious and so much fun!! And, that smile of hers can really make me feel better.

This morning, Tim took Allie to the doctor. Two shots later and she is fine. Hopefully we can keep any flu and respiratory viruses away from her this year. Poor guy had to deal with the tears. I was at work and sad I wasn't there to comfort her, but I guess there will be plenty more times, right?

Have a great day everyone!

Love, Mommy's Girl Allie

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