Monday, October 20, 2008

A Great Day at the Buddy Walk

Thanks to everyone for making the day so special to us! Allie's Allies surrounded Allie all day! The fund raiser was so successful and the day was such a blessing to us to know so many people love our Allie. More to come about this fabulous day, but I know some of you wanted pictures right away, so here come a few.

The Walk Begins!

So many from my work showed up to support
Down Syndrome Awareness and to see Allie, too!

Aunt Maureen and Allie

A special thank you to my fabulous sister, Maureen and her awesome boyfriend, Dave. Thanks so much for making this weekend even better by surprising us and joining us from Chicago! Sorry you have such a long trip back...
bless your heart!

Dave, Sandy and Allie

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