Thursday, October 16, 2008

Visiting in Hazel Green

Well, we finally got Lil' Bit up to Hazel Green to spend a little bit of time with the Mize family. We hadn't been there in a whole year (I guess we've been a bit busy) since our wonderful Baby Shower last October. Allie had a wonderful time. She was cuddled and loved completely by Kristin, Sharon and Randy. We hoped to get to see Carrie and Nick on the way home, but didn't get the opportunity (sounds like we need to plan another trip!). We had a nice visit. Of course, hanging out with Sharon in her amazing Scrapbook Room is always so much fun. While we didn't scrapbook at all, we know that true scrapbookers love to LOOK at everything. It was a nice get away. We even went to visit Sharon's Mom, but the photographer got the pictures too blurry to post.

Allie really enjoyed playing with Randy's beard. Something brand new that she found to be very interesting and lots of fun!

Thanks for a lot of fun in Hazel Green!
P.S. Poor poor Nicky. This was the first trip he stayed home. He is basically a teenager now, so I guess it was okay for him. Thanks to Melissa and Hannah for taking good care of the Pup!

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