Sunday, November 2, 2008

My 1st Halloween

My first Halloween was busy and fun. I wore 2 different costumes (yes, only two) and visited lots of people. Here is how my day went:

Mommy and I started the day at her work bright and early
We won 3rd place in a costume contest!


We went to my school and saw my

friends all dressed up. Mommy and I dressed
up as Winnie the Pooh and the Hunny pot again.

After school, Mommy picked me up and Ms. Angie
and Ms. Robin had changed me into Pumpkin!
Yes, they do have a magic wand. Then...

I visited Pee Paw for a little bit and then
visited Grandmother!
We had a nice Halloween chat.
We got met up with Daddy and

went Trick or Treating at Aunt Sandy's house.
Yes, I was in the treat bowl!!

Yeah! Aunt Sandy is Fun!
We all played and hung out.

We watched scary movies (okay, I played and ignored
the movies) and ate good food. Then, we went home...
but I don't remember that part. I was sleepy!
Here is my favorite picture of the night...
Me and my Mummy.

What a fun Halloween! How was your Halloween?

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Anonymous said...

Miss Allie! You are too adorable. We can't believe it's your birthday month! You have overcome so many things and BLESSED so many people. What a speical little girl you are. We love you and are counting the days until December
27th when we will be together again.
Love you! Aunt Tammy & Auntie Trisha XOXOXOXOX