Friday, December 19, 2008

It's almost Christmas!

Best Buddies: Daddy and his girl.

We are so excited that Christmas is coming!
Presents are starting to appear under our tree and we are so thrilled! We went to the most amazing birthday party for LeLe last night. I'll share more when we have some pictures, but I must tell you that LeLe had a surprise visitor - Santa Claus! Her Daddy had him flown in from the North Pole to celebrate her first birthday! (The Reindeer were still resting and training for Christmas Eve). Allie was so excited to see Santa... really, she was. When he was leaving, she kept waiving her arms at him. It was darn cute!

Mommy and Allie

Anyway, we just wanted to wish you all a nice weekend
and enjoy any pre-Christmas day celebrations.

Love ya!

The Lovell Family


SavannaLea said...

She is truly a "Daddy's Girl" are you sure you were involved?? :) LOL I know you were, but she is all Tim!!! Hope ya'll have a great Christmas!!

thetysonfamily said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving your comments on our blog (The Tyson's) Your daughter is precious!!! So adorable. I saw that you guys lived in Alabaster...we do too :). You guys have a Merry Christmas!
Thanks for all the kind words :)