Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just Sayin' Hi Ya!

Allie had a fun weekend and a fun day at school. We will start with school. During her therapy session, Fox 6 News showed up along with some important people from Belks. Maybe we will see our little star on TV again! Oh my! I guess I'm going to have to work on her modeling and acting career. She is in high demand.

I was so excited to dress her in this cute outfit again today. You might remember when she started in this class on January 2nd, she wore it and we had to roll up her sleeves. Look! She has grown! Okay... so, you see she yanked the hearing aid out right before I took the picture, but it was the best picture I had as she was very interested in looking at her friends. Besides, this gives you a glimpse into our day. Put the hearing aids in, take them out, put them in, take them out. It's fun. You should get every 15 month old a pair.

Over the weekend, we had a nice visit with our good buddies, Randy and Sharon Mize. Allie wasn't feeling her best and missed a nap, so she was bit sleepy and somber. But, she did flash a few smiles their way, took a few bites of her food and definitely loved her new book they brought her. She loves her Nicky dog and loves this book. Perhaps this means she will be a dog lover just like we are and her Grandma Charlotte was! Allie did mention to me- in her own way - that she did miss seeing Kristin who was visiting her big sis, Carrie and her bro-in-law, Nick.

After lunch and after searching - with no luck- for Oscar Party costumes, we then headed over to Allie's first Oscar party. We had a lot of fun and the lucky Lovell's ALL won door prizes! I should have gone and got a lottery ticket with our luck on a roll like that. We had a lot of fun meeting new people, showing Allie off, learning about the movies that were nominated and eating good food. Oh.. and when we got home, I uttered my famous annual statement of "Next year, I'm going to see all the movies that are nominated". Wish me luck!

Dorothy and the Joker.
(A/K/A Hannah and Jason, her Dad)

Allie has a mean right hook.
and looks so serious about it!
Poor Aunt Sandy! What a shiner!
(Don't worry. Sandy is a really good
makeup artist. Based on the worried
emails we've gotten, clearly you missed
we went to a costumer party!)

Allie was so worn out after the party.

Have a fun Wednesday everyone!


LuLu's world said...

It looks like she is keeping you super busy! I love that top picture of her, flashing that award winning smile.

Scott, Michelle and Edie said...

Thank you for all of the sweet comments. I have not checked your blog in a while due to going and going and going - but WOW! Allie has gotten SO BIG! Her face has really filled out and boy is she moving!!!!!! It is so exciting to see our babies succeed and indeed they are! Edie has also started doing what Allie does with pushing up on her back legs. it looks like they are getting ready to sprint! Let's get together again soon. And BTW.....I LOVE the Snuggle Puppy book Allie gave to Edie. I read it to her almost every night, I now have it memorized. I have decided to make this "our" song and I will sing it to her before bed for as long as she will let me. I know one day she is going to be putting herself to bed. So I will savor every moment we have with our "babies". Take care!

Anonymous said...

Dear Allie ...

I liked seeing you with the pretty Sharon and that funny face Randy.
I'll bet you laugh when you look at him!

Grandpa apologizes when he falls behind in seeing the wonderful movies and pictures of you and your family ... and is late in commenting.