Sunday, February 15, 2009

Let's Go Racing....

Allie today .......................................Allie 6 months ago

Okay, we admit it. We like Nascar. Yes, we even admit that we like the driver that the rest of the world likes to hate. We are Jeff Gordan fans and are proud of it. Of course, Allie is born into this family, so she is a Gordan fan, too. It helps that he has a little girl only slightly older than Allie, so maybe she will find that fun. Who knows. Anyway, I was excited to put her in this outfit, but it took her a while to be able to wear it. In August when she was 9 months old she first wore it. It is a 3 month outfit and was a bit big, but it fit okay. Today, Allie is nearly 15 months old and we put it back on to kick off the Daytona 500 and this time it fit better. We sure are getting our money worth out of these clothes!

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Anonymous said...

Go Allie go! ...

You look great in your Jeff Gordon clothes!

Jeff Gordon would be 'tickled pink' to have you in the pit with him ... and you would give him all the luck he'd need.

No matter what you wear for your pictures, every picture of you is cuter and prettier than the last. You are destined to be a movie star!

Love, your BIGGEST FAN ... Grandpa