Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunshine in Alabama

There is nothing like a happy girl!

With 70 degree weather and blue skies and sunshine, we just had to go to the park on Sunday. Our spring and summer last year was a bit hectic and with so many other things we had to consider, we just didn't do the park thing. I've been anxious to do so now that Allie is healthy, bigger, stronger and ready to go and do anything we do. We didn't stay all afternoon or anything, but we did head to the local park and I doubt it would surprise you to know I had my camera. Allie loved the swing, just as we suspected. I can tell we will be spending a lot of time at the park.
It is easy to forget how tiny Allie really is. She is such a strong girl and determined to do things. But then, we place her in a baby seat and you could fit at least one more of her in the seat. Before we left another mother put her baby - clearly younger than Allie in the seat and that baby filled this seat up. Because Allie is healthy, I'm not concerned that she is tiny. It is part of who she is and people know her in part because of her uniqueness. It is kind of fun to shock people when they want to know how old the "baby" is and they find out she is almost 15 months old. If she wasn't healthy, I would be worried. It would be neat if she could walk already. That would really stop people in their tracks.
I love pictures of Allie and Tim. He adores this little girl
and the feelings are clearly mutual. There is nothing so
wonderful as a Daughter and her Daddy. It is fun to watch
them play and talk and be silly. I know we have a lot of
fun times ahead of us!

Here are some shots of me with my little girl.
She really is fantastic!

Thanks for sharing our day at the park.
I hope you all got out and enjoyed the weather.
I can feel it... spring is coming!

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