Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

I'm constantly amazed at how much Allie is growing. But, still, I see pictures like these two - one from this week and one from a year ago and I'm even more amazed. Are you?

Allie did great with the Bunny. She seemed interested in him and even wanted to touch his nose. She wasn't afraid at all and smiled pretty for the camera, too. Then, Allie and I just hung out. She ate dinner and watched people. We scooted around the mall for a few minutes and went to the bookstore where we saw a parenting class going on and it seems like just yesterday I needed some of those lessons. Goodness, I feel like an old pro these days - okay.. only some days. :-)

We had a lot of fun as we always do. Allie is really a joy to be around. She has a very outgoing personality and after studying someone for a minute or two she flashes her pretty smile. She is tricking people because she will reach out to them as if to say "hold me!". Then, they rush to hold her and she clings onto me and just smiles and waves at them. What a jokester! Allie is also patient and seems to be very agreeable. She does let us know when she doesn't like something, is upset or tired, but she also seems very easy going and willing to do whatever we get her to do. I recognize this could all change (most likely will when she hits 13 - or before!!), but I think her true personality is very easy going, laid back and genuinely happy. I'm sure she gets all of this from me. tee hee.

Have a wonderful Easter from all of us here in Lovell-land. Allie and I remind you to go visit the Bunny. You are never too old!


Anonymous said...

SOOO adorable! Love the bunny pics and the GREAT pic of Mommy and Allie!

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Dear Allie ... How big you've grown in a year! ... as we can all see from your pictures last and this year with the Easter Bunny.

It was very brave of you to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap, and touch his nose!

Did you enjoy the fun things you got for Easter Granma and I, and our entire family, are excited about your being a celebrity (again!) this time as the Poster Child for the upcoming Cerebral Palsy Walk-A-Thon. I'11 comment more on that when we see more details on your blog.

Happy Easter and LOVE from all of us!


LuLu's world said...

Such Sweet Bunny pictures! She is getting so big.