Saturday, June 6, 2009

On TV Next Week

Allie's proud Mom and Dad want to boast that Allie will be on Good Morning Alabama on Fox 6 during the 8am show on Wednesday, June 10th. They will be doing a brief segment about the UCP Casual Day fund raiser going on now and asked if I would mind if Allie was on the show. What a silly question, huh?
For you out-of-towners, a friend of ours will be recording it. We will see if there is a way we can get it for you all to view her Good Morning Alabama Debut.

Don't forget to take advantage of a fantastic fund raiser - support UCP Casual Day. The money raised goes to fantastic programs... we can attest to that!

Have a great day!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dearest Allie: You look SO cute in your pink hat riding in your stroller.

Mom says you are a whiz at getting your hat, head band, and hearing aids off/out in a jiffy. Did you know you and Grandpa have in common the fact we both wear hearing aids?

If Mom gets tired driving to Elgin, with you doing so many advanced things, are you ready to help her with the driving?

Granma and I - and Shadow - will be waiting for our wonderful Allie!

Love & xoxoxo ...