Sunday, July 26, 2009

Randall Oaks Petting Zoo

When I was young, we used to go to Randall Oaks Park - it had a petting zoo and was fun as a kid. So, my sister suggested we take Allie there. What a great idea!

Allie had a good time. We introduced her to all the animals - goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, birds, horses and sheep - to which Allie said 'BAAAAAAAA". Yep! Isn't that cool? Allie said Baa when the sheep were Baa-ing or Bleeting or doing whatever it is sheep's do. The key is that Allie said Baa when I asked her what a sheep says. Of course, in Allie fashion, she refuses to do it since, but she did it enough that day that I know she did it on purpose. She even touched the sheep and the horse.

It was lots of fun. Oh... and after we got home I finally made it over to the petting zoo at Oak Mountain State Park. It was pretty cool. Only at this one, the animals are really free and we are in the pen with them. So, what happens? Right away the little goats walk up to us (thinking we are actually going to feed them) and what does Allie do? She signs "dog". He did act like a dog and wasn't much bigger than Nicky. It was pretty cool. Then, we hung out and watched the people at the beach and had our Ritz Cracker snack. Both days - one in Illinois and one in Alabama - were really nice.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Petting zoos are so much fun!

Mom, I sent you an e-mail last night responding to your questions. We also have some Chicago embellishments--I think I forgot to tell you that in the e-mail...

Allie, I can't wait to see you! I need some sweet little girl hugs! =)

Anonymous said...

What great shots. Love looking at Allie's site, but don't always comment. Always love to see what's going on with you guys.
Auntie Moe Moe

Hannah O. said...

Awwwww! Allie, your so adorable! I wish you were my sister! I had so much fun babysitting you! Your outfits are so cute! See you soon!