Sunday, September 27, 2009

Faces of Allie

The other day after we finally got home from school and got out of the traffic, we did an impromptu photo shoot. It was rather fun despite the little girl being tired and hungry (notice the worn out look in and around her eyes). We saw some of her newer expressions and of course the signs for cracker and video. We even got her signing "Time" for "Baby Signing Time video". All the pictures where she is pointing to her wrist... yep, that is them. Cracker is signed by tapping your fist on your elbow, so look for some of those as well. You will see happy, sweet, pouty, sad, bewildered (as in... why isn't my video on?), and more. Just fun and all shots were taken within just a few minutes of each other. This baby puts up with a lot from a photo-crazy Mom. Oh, and if you aren't sure... the big picture sums up how she probably felt.
I love you, Allie! You have such cute expressions!
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