Saturday, September 5, 2009

Proof is in the Pictures

Yes! She has grown!!
September 2009 -21 months old
July 2008 - 8 Months old
Let's see... last July Allie weighed a little over 10 pounds, this September... she is a little over 16 pounds! Last July, she had been at school for one month and was in the baby room. Now, she has been there over a year and is in her third room and loves it. Last July, she ate formula and baby food. Okay, she still does that, but now you can give her other things, like chicken, crackers, almost anything pureed. Oh, don't give her real peaches or fruit. Mush them up into baby food and she will eat them. Last July she could roll over from her tummy to her back, this September she can sit, lay down, roll over, crawl (in her own way), pull herself up almost. Last July she could make some adorable sounds, this September she still has some similar sounds, but she also has lots of babble and can use her voice in more ways; plus she communicates with signs something she was only beginning to learn last July. Last July hair bows would not work at all; this September we have lots of cute hairstyles to choose from.
Our little girl is growing up so quickly!

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Bowlby said...

Well done, Allie! What a big girl!