Sunday, November 29, 2009

2 Year Check Up is All Good

Well, other than the shot Allie had to get... the two year check up was a good experience. She even waved bye-bye to the "shot" nurse, so it clearly wasn't too bad for our little precious Allie. Doc was a little shocked by our weight gain. We are up to 15 pounds and 15 ounces (I'll pause for the cheering to subside). Thank you, thank you to everyone pouring milk, calories and even some food into this child. It seems to be working! Allie is now 28.5 inches long and I can't recall her head measurements (hey... cut me some slack... I was so excited by the 15.15! )

Allie even surprised our wonderful Doc by imitating him as he washed his hands. Oh yes, she can do a variety of things. We are up to nearly 100 words in sign language - a good percentage she will do the sign when you ask her to. A small percentage she seemed to have known a while ago and needs help remembering. And then, there is a good number she will just tell you - like when she sees a dog or a cat, she will sign it for you. If it is raining or if she wants a cookie or cracker or of course, milk. She knows others and can recognize many written words for them, too. Oh and she signs along to her video when they sing and do several of the songs. She is learning words faster than we can learn them (yikes).

Allie is crawling like there is a race going on. She has pulled up to standing a few times, but still doesn't know what to do with it after she gets there. Toys are still the most important thing to her - outside of her Signing Time DVDs - she loves to scoot across the floor to get her toys and now loves her dolls, too. She has discovered the Tupperware cabinet and loves pulling all the plastic ware out and throw it across the room. She has also discovered the refrigerator magnets and has only broken one when she threw it across the room to meet the Tupperware. We've put in a word with Santa to deliver some more kid friendly magnets.

Allie is increasing the amount of milk she drinks per day now. She has also graduated (finally) from baby formula into Kids Essential Boost. She seems to be starting to like it more. She is a bit finicky with food and enjoys to share her food with Nicky. He is loving this.. .us, not so much. According to her teachers, Allie can master a spoon and shovel in the food at competitive skill levels. We don't see it so much at home, but she isn't one to show off you know.

Allie continues to bring smiles to everyone she meets. She has the most precious wave and smile. She also can throw a kiss like a pro. She is starting to learn to make more sounds and I think she is using them to get what she wants... she is two afterall. We will keep an eye on this behavior and I'm sure you will be updated on all that she will do via this blog.

Just wanted to update you on our precious baby girl and show you our latest trick. Sometimes we hold our amrs up so we just have our head and toes on the ground. More later!

The Lovell Family complete with a 2 year old.


Anonymous said...

Dear Allie: CONGRATULATIONS on being up to 16 pounds! (Yes, I know it's 15.15, but I round out!)

You are learning and doing so many things it's hard to keep up with it all.

We are proud of you Allie and love you very much!


Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

Man, how she has grown since the Baby Bird class! Hard to believe she'll be catching up with Elliott before we know it!

Jenn said...

I would have waved "bye-bye" to the shot nurse too!!!

She is just precious and let me just give you a little advice...if you want to add pounds just try out some M&M cookies, M&M fudge or hey...just plain old M&M's with a whole bunch of milk. It has worked for me! :)

Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

Wow, Sandy, your friend WSM really loves Uggs! :)