Monday, November 23, 2009

A Little Allie Update

Hi everyone! Time is short these days with a nearly toddler in the house, so I thought I'd just show you some pictures and a few fun videos and call it a post. :-)

Here is Allie opening her birthday presents on her birthday from Grandma and Grandpa. As you can tell, she can see Grandpa on the phone. She really liked that!

Looking at Grandpa as he chats with her.
And looking at the books and puzzles they sent her! She is one lucky girl!

I think she is trying to master this puzzle on day one!
Dolls have become a favorite of Allie's This little doll was given to her by her Granny when she was a few months old. She has rediscovered it and takes care of it nicely.

Allie loving her baby doll from Granny

Allie resting after Daddy helps her
play hop scotch
Allie gives Daddy some exercise. She is non-stop with the assisted walking. She loves it! (and yes, she needs a haircut. She looks like a hippie when her hair is down).
Have a wonderful day everyone!

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