Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yep, Folks, She is Amazing!

As you all know, Monday was surgery day and I was a bit nervous. We were scheduled to do several things - put in Ear Tubes #4, Unclog Tear Ducts, remove Adenoids and remove Tonsils. To understand how and why we choose to do all of these things at the same time you can read this blog entry.

So, how did it go, you ask? The title of this entry lets you know. Allie - again - amazes us. We got to the hospital at 6am and by 8am she was in surgery. I did hint to the nurse walking Allie to the operating room that Allie loves music. I saw Allie start getting a little sad (or scared?) that I wasn't going with her and the lovely nurse began singing to her. Allie was okay after that and I might have seen a tiny bit of dancing in the dancing girls' body. By 9am, she was in the recovery room. We got to see her around 10am and she was sleeping a little bit and when she saw us she got a bit emotional and wanted to be held, but was fine as soon as she got a big hug from both of us. She then drank a whole bunch of water and by the time we took her to her room, they were able to stop her IV because she drank so much!

Once we got to her room, she was so exhausted, but as is Allie's fashion - she refused sleep. So, we sat for a while and tried to lull her to sleep, then I decided after her begging me with her signs, we popped in her favorite DVD. Then, we would rock her until she was asleep, set her in her crib only for her to sit back up and be wide awake (we have a witness to this crazy Allie-Phenomenon, right Melissa?) Sometime after this "game", she finally fell asleep and did wonderfully all night. She did wake up a few times and we had some time together. She even got to see Granny and Paw Paw in Florida from our hospital room via our nifty webcam! That was so nice (Thanks, Maureen for the cool gift and thanks to Melissa for letting us use your laptop - it worked wonderfully!).

I did get a bit of a scare when Allie's monitor went off in the middle of the night - 3:30 to be exact. Now, you all know we have gotten used to the monitors, so after I jumped out of bed and got to Allie's side, my mind joined me and I realized that the probe on Allie had probably just come off. But, when I saw it hadn't and the monitor kept beeping (loudly and consistently) and Allie didn't budge despite my attempts, I was scared. The nurse came in right as the beeping stopped and Allie moved. But, that was the longest and scariest seconds of my life. I think Allie was in such a deep sleep and that was why she didn't move. But, the nurse "didn't know what was wrong" and even asked if Allie had Sleep Apnea - not that she thought that was what happened, but she didn't know. You know I was up for a bit after that event. Anyway, no one can tell me why the monitors went off. In fact, the doctor said most of the time it is a faulty machine - so comforting, isn't it? I'm still not sure why we had to stay overnight because I was the only one that watched Allie at all anyway. But, regardless, we made it through the night and in the morning, Allie woke up giddy and playful as ever.

Allie was trying to climb out of the crib - all while signing "no, no, no" to me and if I went to one side of the crib (really, it looked like a cage to quote her Paw Paw), she would go to the other, smile at me over her shoulder and sign "no". I was so very thankful when we got our release papers since she was so ready to play!

Since coming home, my biggest concern was how to get her medicine in her. At the hospital it would take two of us to literally pin her down in what simply resembled a wrestling hold (my Uncles would be so proud of me) and we'd get the majority in. She only pinched me once during this event, too. Clearly it was my fault when I pinned her arm behind me. (Note: no hate mail.... it wasn't really as dramatic as I'm making it out...well, maybe it was... but she did get lots of hugs and kisses after it was over). Anyway, Allie has even surprised me in the whole medicine aspect of this week. She is getting more used to the eye drops and she was already a pro at the Ear drops. She isn't showing much pain or discomfort, but she has been seen chewing on and sucking down the Tylenol I offer her (not every time, but hey... a few times is better than nothing). We are still fighting the antibiotic, but thanks to some flavor added and my relentless refusal to give up on thinking of new ways to give it to her, (tonight, it was hidden deeply in her icy cold milk) I think we might make it.

While at home, Allie has been wonderful. She has taken lots of naps and our most serious event was her fingers. You need more information, don't you? Allie had never taken to a pacifier and always sucks on her left hand, first two fingers. We are okay with this. It lets her calm herself when she needs it and it lets us know if she is uncomfortable or scared or insecure with a situation. But, after these type of events we worry because she sucks on these fingers so much and to the point they are completely white. Which is why we had to pull out the teether again. It worked and gave the fingers a break for a little bit. Other than that and her wanting to just be hugged and snuggled a lot - life is rough, huh? - she has done great!

We aren't expected to see results from this surgery right away, but given we are talking about Amazing Allie, I'm thinking she is already showing us that things have improved. She hasn't gotten sick since coming home, she is sleeping much more deeply and not tossing and turning like she did before and tonight, Allie fell asleep soundly in my arms and didn't toss and turn at all. I'm thinking this surgery was a success!

Thanks also to all of you for your prayers and well wishes. We felt them and they kept Allie safe and recovering wonderfully.

We are expecting snow tomorrow in Birmingham and I'm hoping we actually get some and I can show it to Allie. Last time we ran outside and I tried to show her a few flurries.... it was rather hard to get her to see what I was trying to show her with only literally a few snowflakes in the air. I hope to have Snow Pictures to show you soon!


Jenn said...

Wonderful, wonderful news!!! We've been praying for you and sending good wishes your way!

Katie B. said...

Yeah, Allie! Such a brave little girl! Most adults wouldn't handle that surgery as well as she did.