Friday, November 19, 2010

Day One With Our 3 Year Old

A balloon is all she
really needed
Catch me
if you can
She has read the rule book and she knows all about 3 and she is ready to teach us!  First thing this morning she was ready to go - she was this way, she was that way, she was everywhere.  Since her school was celebrating Thanksgiving today, we skipped the school Birthday celebration. However, due to several wardrobe malfunctions (did this kid grow overnight?), we ended up wearing her Birthday shirt anyway. She seemed to understand when I showed it to her and claimed the day as her won.  Seemingly, too, the multiple attempts at changing clothes and trying on new ones caused her to be very quick at the getaway maneuvers. Let's just say I was a bit worn out by the time I tried to get her pictures, so, this is what you get.

Melissa and Allie

Then, my dear buddy, Melissa and I went to join Allie at school for her Thanksgiving Feast.  I admit I tried to just sit by and watch my child eat since she does so much better for school than for me and it was a nice break. Sure, enough when she saw me wave at her - the plate went flying. 

Friends... what would
we do without them?

I tried to blame it on sweet Jack (hey.. it was a weak moment full of parents with non-plate throwing kids), but Jack's Mom, Andrea - who was sweetly tending to her boy and my daughter knew I was not serious. Although, Andrea - you were probably wondering if I would come get my food-fight-starter out of your hair, right? I did step in and do my Motherly duty - which consisted of not eating lunch and trying to get my wiggly child to stop wiggling while I got the potatoes out of her hair.

She is getting away

Then, Melissa grabbed a few pictures - much nicer than the ones I took of her (sorry, Mel!) and we scooted back to work as quickly as we arrived.  I do like this picture because it does show you how quick my girl can be and it is sometimes surprising when she gets up and goes so quickly.

Yes, this is the best picture I could get
as she moved and wiggled and I blinded
her with the camera flash.

Tim picked Allie up at school and got the news... Allie - who as you know has just mastered walking, decided to dart out of line today as they were walking down the hall (yes, all the other orderly kids in line) and she made a very quick dash/run for the Usborne Book Saleslady.  She seemed to nearly make it before being caught -  if I got the story right.  That's my girl - taking a moment to purchase a new book! Always the learner....

Then, the two of them came and picked me up and we went to dinner. Since we already had a party for Allie, we chose to just do dinner out. And, since Allie always loves it when Applebees sings Happy Birthday to their guests, we asked them to sing to Allie. Actually, they asked us if they could - to which we answered... that is why we came. We thought she would enjoy it and they all seemed to enjoy her reaction... we think she liked it.. what do you think?

Happy Birthday, Allie!

We got so many wonderful voice mails, emails, Facebook posts, cards, presents and well wishes for Allie's 3rd Birthday. We thank you all so much. It was a fun day and something tells me that we will stretch this birthday out a few more days. 

My sweet eater

Go ahead... celebrate Allie, too.  Eat some cake and ice cream. And... if you really want to feel closer to Allie and experience her life a bit... don't use the utensils - and use your "other" hand.  :-)  We recommend a bath directly after the celebration, however. The bib is even a recommendation.

Have a wonderful Fall Weather Week!  Don't forget to notice those leaves change and don't jump in a pile of leaves with a wet sucker. :-)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful 3rd Birthday events Allie! We would like to see you someday do all those amazing things. Maybe this winter we can come down to your house. Have a great Thanksgiving day. We love you. Granma

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY again Allie!
Tell 'ya what ... if it's OK with Mom & Dad - and won't confuse you -let's do your birthday again - with cake, ice cream & singing - when we next visit you. OK?
I loved your pictures, and the Applebee's event of singing Happy Birthday.
Love, Grandpa