Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Allie - thank you for bringing so much joy into our life.
Your extra special chromosome just makes you
even more extra special and extra sweet.
In fact, (sing it with me if you know the tune) ...

everything about you is especially fine....  
I love what you are,
I love what you do...
fuzzy little snuggly puppy...  

You've made our world complete and so much fun every single day!
We love you, Allie!!

Everyone should be so blessed to have a person with Down syndrome in their life.
What a blessing we have in our Allie!!


Anonymous said...

... and Allie you are Grandpa & Granma's joy also!
Love 'ya lots! ... Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Dear Allie, Mom is right in that you make all of our lives a better place. Your love of us matches our love for you!

We love you Allie! ... Grandpa

Whats Happening @ The Red Rooster said...

Your daughter is precious! We are so glad to have you here at the Red Rooster!