Monday, April 25, 2011

Allie's Modeling Career Begins

Allie and Rachel as they prepare to go before the TV Camera

You must get through the sort PSA
before you can view Allie and Rachel's modeling appearance. 

The Sunday before Easter Allie was asked to be on our local Fox TV station to "model" an Easter dress. Luckily, they needed another adorable model and our friend, Rachel was able to join us.  Us Mommies had fun with their celebrity stars... but I was noticeably more nervous because it is hard to know what Allie will do and won't do these days. She is very independent and very fast and still not quiet following instructions all of the time. Yes... I hear you.. she is a toddler.  Like any good Mom... I want her to be perfect - especially when anyone is watching. So, I was a bit nervous she would do something "Allie-like". And she did, but it was so cute - which is so "Allie-Like". She moved around the stage as fast as she likes to do.  In fact, when you watch it, it is obvious that she goes up to Cecilia and points in the direction she wants to go - which is up the nearest steps. Isn't that sweet? She is asking permission to run off stage and climb the very tempting stairs.   She really did good and I chased her around. Which is what our life is like these days, so now, you have a glimpse.

Our Buddy Rachel Hicks

Allie Lovell 3 years old

Allie and Rachel - after the show on the stairs
After our TV appearance and a lunch at iHop, which ended with Allie not eating anything but Ritz crackers, we took the girls to the Botanical Gardens for an fun photo-shoot. We got some wonderful pictures and I enjoyed watching the girls interact. And, of course, go their own ways and do their own things.  We captured some of it in photos.
Our own  semi-professional photo shoot.
We discovered if you follow the real photographers
around you get the great spots!

Here, let me help. Allie hands Rachel her pacifier

True friendship - helping to replace the pacifier

But, I don't really understand the whole paci-thing

Friendship - it's a simple thing, really


the hicks said...

Racheal and I are soo thankful to have you and Allie in our lives. The amount of fun we manage to have together is indescribable. You guys are like family. I'm sure we have to be related in some form with the amount of things we have in common.

We love you guys dearly and we are always here for you.

Porsha and Racheal

Grandpa Hugh & Granma Connie said...

Hey Allie: You were THE STAR of the fashion show. Mom will be your agent for many future events. I love you! ... Grandpa

Anonymous said...

YOU are Grandpa's STAR! ... and your 'buddy' is a star also!

Demand the Big Money for your television performances. Can I be your 10% agent?

Love ya' ... Grandpa