Monday, August 6, 2012

Preschool Days Begin

Preschool Rocks!
 Wow! Can  you believe it? Allie is in Preschool! She is 4 1/2 and I have one precious year left before she goes to "real" school. Although, I have to admit.. this feels pretty "real" already.  Oh, don't misunderstand me. Allie is still in her same fantastic and wonderful school that she started in 4 years ago. She has just moved into one of the two classrooms that are designated "preschool" and the teachers are going to help us all be ready for Kindergarten.  She is in the Wild Flower Classroom.
There was no hesitating at the front for a
picture. She was ready for School.

Being in preschool probably doesn't feel a lot different to Allie, but to the Mommy... well.. let me tell you what I heard on orientation day.
1.  Please don't linger... drop her off with their hug and kiss and go happily on your way. (What I heard: Drop her off and get out)
2. If I cause my precious angel to be late, we are to wait outside the room until asked to come in to avoid disrupting the lesson (What I more grand "here comes Allie" entrances)
3. Allie will be mastering the art of "family-style dining". (What I heard: food fight)

So... all of this was said much softer and sweeter and nicer than I wrote it. But, as the Mom that likes to make sure all the kids (meaning all the kids in her class) school days are documented in photos, I heard the end of my picture taking in the classroom coming near.

Within minutes Allie found her seat and toys
Be on time... no more casual lingering and playing a bit too long at the house. Okay, seriously, we needed to work on that a bit anyway. We will just learn to dance and play on the way to the car - a bit earlier than normal. 

Family-style dining. I picture dry-cleaning bills from classmates as Allie discovers the fun a child can have with food.

Seriously, I'm excited about all except the "no lingering". I'm also told that the teacher takes lots of pictures to share later.  But, I may combat this by just getting there plenty early. :-) I'm also excited about the family-style serve  yourself part.  Being that we are a very small family, she doesn't get a lot of practice in this respect. Oh, we will incorporate it, but hopefully she will be ready for those family visits - if she isn't too excited when she sees her family. (too excited for a 4 1/2 year old means silly, loud and wild).

Gotta love the "Say Cheese" Smile
I am excited despite not being ready for the change. Preschool. Wow! I'm told she "will be ready for kindergarten" and I do believe it, but I think we have a lot of work to do. She has come a very long way this past year and even this past week! Okay.. bragging moment here.... a few minutes ago she READ to me!! Yes... it was "Jump up, baby as [bouncy] as a bunny".  I helped with the word bouncy.  I'm so proud of her!!  She is answering questions these days, she is singing songs, she is answering with silly answers sometimes, too. All of that is huge.  Speech Therapy and Physical Therapy have so worked on this kid. She dances, sings, jumps, spins, you name it! She is talking up a storm and is so much easier to understand. Oh, we still have a long way to go, but it is clear she is determined to do it.

My Amazing Allie
Plus, with so much in the news these days about Down syndrome awareness and inclusion, I can't help be happy! I'm a bit bummed she wasn't chosen as the first Down syndrome baby model, but we missed our mark on that since she began walking - she hasn't slowed down and it might be hard to get her to model now - although, let's face it.. she is darn pretty enough (Mama ain't biased at all!).  My sweet niece sent me a cool article about a boy with Down syndrome creating and selling his own pottery. So much so that the family made it a business. We have individuals with DS graduating from college, working and living on their own, getting married, living the American dream. It is amazing what a little inclusion and awareness and acceptance can do.  I'm thrilled when I see our future. 

......I just wish the present wasn't going so fast. 

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