Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Introducing Allie's New Buddy - Benny

Allie, Benny and friends..
The volunteers are so wonderful at Special Equestrians!
You met PJ and now it is time to meet Benny. Isn't he adorable??  They did some shifting around in her Special Equestrian class and moved Allie to this sweet Shetland Pony, Benny. Allie loved PJ, so we weren't sure how that would go, but it went wonderfully. She won't even consider getting on PJ right now. Benny is just her size and she seems comfortable and happy with her new friend. I'm so thankful for Benny's owners to let us enjoy him during our classes.  In fact, Allie is in for a change, we only have one class left before we take a break all the way until March!!!  

Can you see the confidence?
Horseback riding has been great for Allie. She has learned so much and gets on quickly and confidently these days.  The last few classes she has been the first one on her horse. She is learning to hold the reins more and even started practicing standing up while riding.  Her favorite thing is when Benny goes fast.  In fact, when they tell Allie to tell Benny to "walk on", she gives that special Allie smile and says "Run Fast". She is participating wonderfully and really enjoys the session.  Of course, she equally enjoys our routine of going for ice cream after class. It is funny, I can't even think about skipping the ice cream because as soon as her feet hit the ground she is telling everyone "ice cream". This is all because the very first time we went, I suggested ice cream. She equally remembers the one time they
 offered her Cheetos after the ride.  I wasn't there that day, but I found out quickly where the Cheetos were hidden. After riding, she walked right to the cabinet and started opening it and saying Cheetos.  Can't blame her - she loves a tasty snack and this kiddo has an awesome memory and loves a good routine. 

She spotted her Daddy
Hi, Daddy!
Adorable, Amazing, Awesome Allie


Allie fits in beautifully down on the farm

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