Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from Allie

Almost forgot to give you a video! Here is one from Allie's first Thanksgiving.
She hopes you all had a great Turkey Day!


All of us!


Trisha said...

Hehe...Happy Thanksgiving Allie!

Hope you ate a lot of turkey!

Love, Auntie Trisha

Bekah said...

Hi Sandy, I didn't even know you were PREGNANT ... shows how much you miss when you miss the crops as long as I have ... but little Allie is absolutely precious. I couldn't believe her weight ... you may remember me telling the story of my kids (1st as foster parents & then later adopted all 3), but my middle child, Patrick, was exactly the same birth weight, 2 lb 5 oz, his twin was 2 lb 6 oz & they spent the 1st 2 mths in NICU but just in case you have any worries about her future growth ... Patrick came to us when he was 2 yrs old & is 13 yrs old now & weighs over 100 lbs, you'd NEVER guess he was so tiny at birth, plus he had all the bad preemie things happen ... basically born not breathing, 1 lung collapsed so he has his breathing tube scar aka his special tickle spot, stage/grade 3 to 4 brain bleed, blood transfusions, apnea monitors, etc, etc ... he is perfectly HEALTHY & a blessing to us all ... pretty fiestly I might add, ha, ha! Not at all the tiny helpless preemie he once was ... so GOOD LUCK & the very best wishes to you & your new family for this wonderful Christmas season, GOD BLESS YOU ALL, welcome Allie, stay strong, you've got a wonderful Mommie just waiting to fill your scrapbook with even more precious pictures you'll make in the future, love, Bekah Murdock :)