Wednesday, November 28, 2007

They made me go home!

Allie holds Daddy's Wedding Ring.

Allie is trying to figure out what a Mommy is

This is the smallest Premie hat she has and it is
too big. This was part of a gift from many friends
at my work.

Mommy is already brushing Allie's pretty hair.

Of all the nerve... baby has to stay and Mommy had to go home. Luckily, I can visit my angel anytime I want. Funny thing is that as busy as life was in the hospital, it has been busier at home! What do you Mom's do when they actually let you take the baby home and you have other children as well? I'm amazed at you!

I'm doing well, but more importantly, Allie is doing fantastic! She is keeping all her food down and has increased the amount of food she takes by 6x what she was eating a week ago. Granted, a week ago it was 1/2 of a teaspoon every 3 hours so increasing was all she could do. She now takes 4 teaspoons every 3 hours!!

Allie has been such a delight. We are able to visit her nearly whenever we want and although we only get to hold her for about 10 minutes a day (if her temperature is good), we still know how blessed we are to have her here with us. Our goal now is to fatten this baby up so she can come home with us. I wish you all could see her. I'm told that she looks big in the pictures, but when you see her in person, she is so much smaller. She is very petite. The diapers she wears are Extra Small Premies, but as you can tell they are too big. They don't make a smaller size, though.

More pictures and news on Allie to follow... hopefully at a quicker pace than this past week!


Sandy - A/K/A the New Mommy


Trisha said...

She is beautiful.

The picture with her eyes open is amazing. I can't wait to hold this little pumpkin!

--Auntie Trisha

Jenny G said...

I love the picture of her looking at you, mommy's girl already!