Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Monitoring Moment

Hello everyone!

Allie seems to be growing and doing well. As you might know, she is a bit tiny for her "age" and the doctor's are watching her closely. This means that in addition to our weekly doctor visit and our weekly baby class (7 week course) we go to the hospital additionally twice a week for monitoring which has been taking about 2 hours each time (on average). Despite causing a bit of a hectic schedule, we really don't mind because we get to hear her heartbeat and hear her move around. When she moves when being monitored, it makes a static sound. And this past week, she actually moved the monitors on my belly slightly!! This really proves she is growing and getting stronger! She will still probably be a tiny little baby, but I was tiny when I was born and as a child (yep... I caught up just fine!), so it seems to be a genetic issue since the doctors can't find anything specifically causing her to be tiny. The video we have from this past monitoring session - November 1st - didn't show her moving at all, but her heartbeat is very strong and stays right around 132 -134. When she isn't sleeping she is moving a lot and I'm able to feel it more and more each day. Tim even felt her move for the first time the other day! When being monitored, I can hear and feel her, so it makes it much easier knowing she is moving and probably having fun. Being pregnant is so much fun!!
More later!


Trisha said...

Mom and I enjoyed your new space!! We loved hearing about baby Ally and are thrilled that she is getting bigger every day. Hearing her heartbeat is awesome. Can't wait to meet this little pumpkin whenever she chooses to grace us with her presence!! :) Love you! Auntie Trisha xoxoxoxoxoxo

Maureen said...

VERY cool! How awesome that kid already has her own website. Love the 4D pictures. The heartbeat is cool to hear too. Glad everything is going well. Can't wait to see that little girl in person! Love you. Thanks for sharing.

Auntie Moe.

Smiley said...

The heartbeat is so fast, she's a RUNNER I just know it!!
Thanks so much for sharing!

Tom said...

Wow! Your site is incredible! We're so glad to know that Allie and you are doing so well. The pictures are amazing! Things have come a long way since we were at that stage of life.
We're looking forward to welcoming Allie to our world. Congratulations to all of you!


Tom & Brian

Jenny G said...

Oh I LOVE that heartbeat sound!

Trisha said...

Welcome to the world Allie!

I can't wait to meet you!

Love you! Auntie Trisha


Sherry said...

How dare you say being pregnant is fun. Bad, bad SaNDY!! :)