Thursday, November 1, 2007

More 4D PIctures

Okay! Now that I did one post, I thought you might want to see some more ultrasound pictures. Allie was peacefully sleeping when we started the ultrasound on the 17th of October, but we woke her up. Then, she decided to play with her toes and knees and legs. Her legs remained over her head the majority of the time. But, she smiled and opened her eyes and even appeared to be laughing. So, she was happy and you never stop a baby from being happy. So, we have pictures of her tumbling and kissing her knees.

We love this little girl already!!


Tom said...

'Atta girl Allison, show 'em you're in there and kicking! Is that a smile we see on your face?


Tom & Brian

Rhona said...

Good for people to know.