Thursday, November 1, 2007

Preparing for Allie

Hello! This is our very first post to our very new blog! Wow! We are coming of age, aren't we? This site is for our precious daughter, Allie. She is due on January 1st, but we believe she may join us a little bit earlier. We are very excited and anxious to meet her, although we do hope she stays put a little longer to get bigger and stronger. Plus, we still have a nursery to finish. We have been so excited and are looking forward to expanding our little family.

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Tom said...

Hi Allison,...we're watching you grow. Stay put until you are strong and healthy! We're eager to meet you but we can wait awhile longer. There's a whole lot of love waiting for you in this big old world. By the way, Congratulations on choosing such a terrific Mom and Dad!


Tom & Brian