Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

Allie asked to write this post to all of you, here is her message:
Do you like my outfit? I love it and it fits me! That might not mean a lot to you, but when you weigh 4 pounds (as of today!!) and are only 17 1/4 inches long (as of today!!), it is hard to find clothes that fit. Even those preemie clothes are really too big for me. But, they do seem to be starting to fit better the last few days as I got close to this 4 pound weight.
This beautiful outfit has a story behind it. My Granma Connie and Grandpa Hugh and my Aunt Tammy and Auntie Trisha went shopping in Chicago and had the idea to go to the American Girl Store. American Girl is a Doll store and they make beautiful outfits for their dolls. So, Granma, who is excellent at measuring and sewing and all of that girly stuff (that I, Allie, will love and my Mommy knows nothing about) went in and diligently measured outfits and found the exact fit for me. She was hoping her measurements were accurate given it had been weeks since she had seen me and didn't measure me exactly when she was here. Her work and experience paid off. The dress is a perfect fit and is my First Christmas Outfit. When I get older, she is going to take me to the American Girl store and get me an American Girl Doll and this outfit will fit on her. It will be fun to hear about how I wore it in the NICU when I was only 5 weeks old!
Oh... as for the NICU... the nurses are wonderful. They all helped me get dressed since I have a lot of monitors and wires and things that make it difficult to put tights and cute dresses on. The nurses were terrific and I think they had fun, too. Daddy seemed a bit nervous worrying that I was cold or that my oxygen wasn't acting right or that I should be bundled up more. He worries about me a lot. Mommy tells him that it is okay because that is his job. But, her job is to play dress up with me, so that is what she and all the nurses did. They had a lot of fun. I slept through the whole thing, but that is okay because I'll hear all about it every year. It was a lot of fun and the dress is so beautiful and made wonderfully, too. It didn't scratch me at all because it was put together so nicely. I love my hat and shoes, too. I was so excited when we tried the hat on the night before and it fit so perfectly. What a wonderful Christmas present! Thank you, Granma and Grandpa (and Aunties!) See you soon!!
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and that Santa is good to you. Merry Christmas!


Trisha said...

Merry First Christmas Allison!

You are the best gift that anyone could have asked for at Christmas! You are a blessing to us all.

God loves you, and so do we!

Love you, Auntie Trisha and Aunt Tammy


Jenny G said...

LOVE the shoes!

Grandpa Hugh said...

Hi Allie ... it's Grandpa Hugh.

I'm sorry I haven't been able to send you notes recently on this blog ... especially at Christmas ... but for some reason I couldn't post my 'letters'. I hope you didn't think I forgot our wonderful new granddaughter!

Do you know what 'blog' means? For you it means ... Beautiful Lady! ... Outstanding Girl! ... THAT'S YOU ALLIE!!!

You look WONDERFUL & CUTE in our 'Bitty Baby' Christmas outfit!

Granma Connie, Aunt Tammy, and Auntie Trisha are coming to see you next week as they return from Florida. THEY ARE SO VERY ANXIOUS!

We are all so proud of how hard you have worked to gain weight by increasing the amount of milk you have been drinking. Keep it up!
You are coming close to doubling your birth weight!

Next month Granma Connie and I will try to come see your again.

(Soon you will learn that Grandpa Hugh writes the longest notes, and also talks a lot!)