Sunday, December 23, 2007

A REAL Bath?

Yes! Allie is doing so great these days that she is able to keep her temperature up. This means several things for our little hero. She now gets to wear clothes (tiny ones of course) and she can now have tub baths. Mommy got to give her one with the help of her nurse, Jennifer. This was so much fun for me and Allie did wonderfully. She loved the warm water and just enjoyed the whole experience.

Here is a comparison of how Allie has changed from a few days
after her birth to about 4 weeks later. Our little girl is just growing and
getting bigger and stronger all the time!

Allie now weighs 3 pounds 8 ounces and is beginning to learn how to use a bottle again. After her experience on Sunday, November 16th, it has taken her a few days to begin bottle feeding. But, she is doing great and increasing the amount of milk she is taking. On this day, she preferred to sleep in Mommy's arms instead of eating, so Daddy and Mommy did all the tricks. We took her nice comfy clothes off, wiped her down slightly and tried again. She woke up, but still only took a little milk before being too tired to continue.

Now that Allie can wear clothes, here are some pictures of her dressed up:

She is such a sweet girl (no.. I'm not biased). I'm sure she would say Thanks for looking at my website - if she could. Good night and Happy Christmas Eve from Ms. Allie and her Mommy and Daddy and her Puppy Dog Brother, too.

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Mommy said...

Thanks, Allie for fun in the tubtime with you! Love, Mommy!