Sunday, December 23, 2007

Santa Claus Came to NICU!!

Allie's first visit with Santa Claus!!! Allie got a special treat this day. Santa and Mrs. Claus came to visit her in the hospital! Santa and Mrs. Claus were dressed to the hilt and Allie just loved meeting them. Of course, she slept through the whole event, but she loved it... I know she did!

It was really a funny event for the new Mommy. I knew I wanted to dress up my little girl, but hadn't had a chance to ask the nurses if I could dress Allie or not (she has a lot of wires and temperature gages and that sort of thing). So, as many of you know me... I had several outfits - basically, I had a back up plan for my back up plan. I arrived as soon as NICU reopened to begin to dress her and got the best surprise! Allie's nurse - Linda - or Mama Linda as Allie calls her - already had Allie dressed in her Christmas sleeper that Auntie Shea gave to her. Linda did tell me that she wasn't sure what I wanted since I had this sleeper, a short Christmas onsie, a Christmas vest and a hat. She did very good and picked my first choice!

Then, Linda held up a stocking and a blanket (yes, more back up plans) and asked what my plan was for these items. I wanted to put Allie into the stocking, but wasn't sure if that would be taken as some form of inhumane baby treatment. So, I had the Christmas blanket as a back up. Luckily, the stocking was acceptable and we put her in it and this is what you see. Santa filled my stocking with what I've asked for for years!!

I was also a bit unsure that I wanted Santa to hold Allie. Afterall... how many of you have held her yet? Exactly! Plus... I hadn't talked to Santa in years... was he the same honest and trustworthy man I knew as a child? I'm told this is the MamaBear Syndrome (MBS) and although my claws didn't come out... I was very protective of my 3 pound daughter. So, my first picture is of Santa, Allie and yes... Mommy holding her baby. After seeing Santa for a bit and watching how wonderful he was with the other children, I asked Santa if he would be so kind as to hold my child and let us take another picture. So, I actually let him hold my baby... only for a split second, though. I'm so glad I did. I love this picture and I'm sure it will be fun to show to Allie later when we are ready to visit him. (Which she will LOVE, right?)

Merry Christmas to everyone!! We hope Santa fills your stocking with everything you've been asking for, too!

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