Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Allie loves her Family!

Allie had such a wonderful time last weekend when she got a visit from Granma and Aunt Tammy and Auntie Trisha. It was so much fun in fact and Allie was so overwhelmed that she rested a whole heck of a lot during their visit. That is the frustrating part with all babies, but especially babies that are in the NICU who need their beauty sleep and have to stay in their cozy isolettes. But, all was not lost. She was able to be held, dressed and changed by Auntie Trisha as well as held and coddled by Granma and Aunt Tammy. Yes, Auntie Trisha pulled rank and got to do some diapering and changing. It is all in the timing of who is in the room at the right time - and of course Allie has a say in the matter, too. No worries. I'm sure Granma will show her rank with the next visit. Poor Trisha will be in school and won't be able to join on the trip and Granma will have to do all the diapering and changing (until Mommy and Daddy pull rank). Good news is that all the visitors were able to hold the precious girl and that was a wonderful treat. The NICU even allowed us to open up the blinds so everyone could see her while her one allowed visitor was in the room. In fact, she seemed to draw quite a crowd with people as they passed by. I looked up one time and there must have been 10 people peering in at my angel. I love to show her off (as you all could guess), so that was wonderful.

Allie did sleep most of the visit, but on the last visit everyone got to say goodbye and see you soon and during Auntie Trisha's moment, Allie opened up those eyes! Yes... I'd say it had something to do with the prodding by Granma and Aunt Tammy before Trisha got in the room, but she opened her eyes which required a billion more pictures and cheers and excitement. She has the most beautiful deep eyes, so it is hard not to get lost in them.

The next morning as the visitors were driving back home to Chicago, Allie awoke bright and early and was eager to play. Unfortunately, they didn't get to see this so Mommy played with her little girl and took a million more pictures. Thank goodness for digital!


Trisha said...

Oh wow, I miss her so much already.

I am so happy that she likes her rattle!

I can't wait to come see her again!

Kiss her for me!

Love, Auntie Trisha

Granma said...

Granma loves the rattle video. Thank you for always sharing Allie's stories with us. She is amazing and has amazing parents. We Love You All.

Love, Granma

Grandpa Hugh said...

10.08 - Hey Allie, you're almost 2 months old! You are aging quickly, and getting more beautiful every day with every picture & video I see.

Pretty soon you'll be going home to stay with Mom, Dad & 'brother' Nicky.

I can't wait to see you again, and finally get to hold you!