Monday, January 7, 2008

Allie's New Year

Oh! So much to say and so much to update all of you on!

We hope the holidays were wonderful for all of you. Allie had a wonderful time during Christmas and New Years. She is looking forward to leaving the NICU (no date has been set yet, however). But, she will miss her fabulous nurses. They have been so wonderful in helping Mommy, Daddy & Allie deal with this unusual first weeks of Allie's life. They take such good care of Allie and that gives us piece of mind, which is so important right now.

Allie now weighs 4 pounds and 10 ounces!!! She is 17 inches long and has changed so much since she was born. She is now 7 weeks old and continues to do fascinating things. Growing is the biggest thrill we seem to have since she was so tiny when she was born. But, then again, her looking at and recognizing us are the bigggest thrills, too. Oh! And then there are the cute grunts and groans she makes and the tired stretches and yawns are so sweet, too. And she has been looking at her toys and grasping them, too. So, maybe that is the biggest thrill. I guess anyone with a child knows that everything is a thrill and is fascinating to many, but specifically Mommy and Daddy.

Allie is still learning to eat from a bottle and still needs that little push of room air to help her breathing. She is working hard to learn the bottle skill and still takes many meals through the feeding tube to keep from her getting too exhausted. The breathing/oxygen need will fix itself as she matures. Her VSD (hole in her heart) is still there, but not causing too many problems for her. She is on some medicine that should help her in multiple ways with it, but only time will help us with this scenario and I'm sure she will do just fine. She is a toughy, you know!

Thanks for keeping up with Allie. I know I've been behind on pictures, videos and blogs, so I will add a bunch of pictures to the slideshow and write a bit more now that you are caught up.

Have a terrific 2008 and come see Allie when she gets settled.

With Love,

The Lovell Family


Trisha said...

I love her so much!

Don't forget to kiss her everyday from me!

Oh, and tell her to keep reminding her Mommy that she needs to plan a weekend away!

Love, Auntie Trisha

Kerry said...
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Nurse Kerry said...
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Nurse Kerry said...

Hi Allie! I am sorry about the deleated posts here, I am trying to post about your New Year photos and can't seem to get it right! Silly me! One more try... ok, here goes! :-) If I get it right, check it out! It tells you how much all of us nurses love you!
~Nurse Kerry

Aunt Mary said...

You are so pretty. We can't wait until you get to go home with Mommy and Daddy. Next year we hope to come and play in the snow with you.

Love from your cousins,
Skylar, Doug and Bobby