Monday, January 21, 2008

Mommy is going back to WHAT??

Yes, the day has come... Mommy has to go back to work and not visit Allie every moment she can. I'm sure this is the best thing for all as Baby seems to love to eat (sometimes). So, we enjoyed a nice long weekend.
During the weekend, Allie did FANTASTIC with her meals, in fact, she has taken all of her meals by bottle for about 5 days in a row! She did not do so well Sunday morning or all day on Monday. This is attributed to the fact she had to get her 2- month shots and they seemed to wear her out a bit. We are hoping to get back on track, but we know who is leading this parade and it isn't Mommy, and it isn't the Nurses or the Doctors. Little Ms. Allie is in charge and we must wait until she can show us what she can and wants to do. She will get there when she is good and ready. Until then, I will be a good mommy and take pictures.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy...

Thanks, Auntie Shea for the cool Corduroy Red Jacket and White Pants. I tried to tell the nurses I could go see Snow, but they were all afraid of catching a cold. Oh well.... maybe next year.

Here I am with a Winnie the Pooh outfit
on that my NICU buddy,
Marley gave me. I LOVE Winnie!

Now, here Allie is making sounds and just hanging out like a Good Girl!

Thanks for tuning in everyone!!
The Lovell Family


Jenny G said...

She is so adorable! I love the picture of her looking at the pictures of ya'll in her crib! I'll be thinking of you as you head back to work, if you need me to do a pop in on Allie, I'm right down the road!

Trisha said...

Allie you are getting so big! I am so proud of you, and it's ok that Mommy has to go back to work, don't make her feel too bad about it!

Remember that I love you! And keep drinking all your bottles so that you can be home soon and I can come visit you!

Love you little girl!

Auntie Trisha

Aunt Tammy said...

Today is a big day for both of you. Allie is going to prove to you that it's ok to go back to work. She will miss you but I know she will hold all those kisses for tonight! Have a great first day and love to Allie! Way to go sweetheart, keep up the good work!

Melissa O'Brien said...


I'm sure you worried about Mommy with her big day going back to work, but don't fret...she did great on her first day back at work. I made sure she got to talk lots and lots and lots about you and we had pictures of you for her to look at all day. She really was such a big girl about it all. Everyone was so happy to see her today and get all caught up on how well you're doing.

I'm so glad that you're doing so well!


Aunt Melissa

Mama Linda said...

Sandy, Tim and Allie, I have loved taking care of Allie...almost every day that I have worked. We have a very special relationship! I will miss you all when you are discharged (I know you're counting the hours, now!) It has been amazing to be part of Allison's life from the beginning and I'll never forget her...or her Mommy and Daddy! Love, Mama Linda