Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow for Allie's 2 Month Birthday!

Yippee! Birmingham gets snow!
The nurses won't let me take Allie out in the snow today, but we played for her and Nicky has had a (snow) ball! He even got a bunch of snow in his bowl. He loved it! And YES, we still have a Christmas tree. We've just been too busy and too tired to take it down. Now, we've decided that it will be fun to bring Allie home and see the lights on the tree. It works for me! So, if you come visit in April and it is still up, I'm sure we will have an appropriate excuse for that, too.

Now, an update on Allie.... she is so sweet! Oh.. you figured that, didn't you? As you can see, she is ready for the snow in her lovely matching jacket with hoodie and snow pants. Okay, maybe not snowpants, but the outfit was adorable thanks to Randy and Sharon. It was so soft and snuggly, too. Allie is 2 months old today and has been such a big girl. Moving into a crib has done wonders for her. Thanks for giving her the shot, Stephanie. She seems to be thriving and showing us she is "one tough cookie". She has been keeping her temperature up and has taken all of her meals by bottle for several days now! As of yesterday, she is even off of the oxygen again even during feedings! She is also so much more alert, too. It is easier to catch her doing true baby things now like looking around and focusing on things and watching us as we feed her. She likes to try to stand up when you hold her. Oh.. and she definitely likes to kick a lot and move. She is feisty in different ways now. :-) One of the favorite parts about the babies being moved to a crib is that the Mommy and Daddy can hold their angel whenever they want to! I know, sounds simple, but when you aren't allowed to hold your baby much, this does wonders for an on-edge-mommy. We knew it was best to leave her alone while in the isolate so she could grow and get better, but it also got hard to not be able to hold her as much as I wanted (which was an unrealistic 100% of the time). Now, all that patience (at least I see it as patience) has paid off. We still aren't sure when she can get home, though, there is talk of coming home before surgery and talk of going straight to surgery. Whatever is best for her is best for us. They will evaluate it again in a couple weeks and then make a better decision.

So, right now, little Allie is making big strides and weighs in at a whopping 5 pounds 6 ounces! Let's just hope is snows again next year and each year after so she can really enjoy it. Sounds like we will have to plan to go to Chicago yearly to catch a glimpse of the snow, perhaps?

Have a wonderful wintry day!


Trisha said...

I can't wait to play in the snow with you some day Allie!

Love you, Auntie Trisha

PS- Keep up the good work! I am so proud of you for gaining weight and drinking your bottles!

Rhonda & Kelly said...

What a beautiful little angel you are Miss Allie!!! Kelly and I have been watching you grow for the past 2 months. We couldn't believe you were born right after your Mommy had that GREAT BABY Shower. I guess you knew what great little outfits were waiting for you. We are praying for you and wanted to let you know that we are enjoying all the photos. Our favorite picture is the one of you with Santa Claus. Lots of Love, Rhonda and Kelly Harris