Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who is the baby in the crib?

Could it be anyone we know?


It's Allie!!

Okay, before we all get a bit too excited, realize this only means Allie gets this opportunity to fend for herself a bit. We are giving her a shot to keep her temperature up and keep gaining those precious calories and weight. This does not mean she is on the final countdown toward home, but every day is a step closer. We will just count this day as two steps closer. She was put in the crib around 3:30 today and now, at 11:15, she is still in the crib and still keeping her temperature up. Hopefully she can stay this way and gain some weight, too.

Allie is sleeping peacefully and has her trusty favorite watchdog with her. (Thanks Auntie Moe, cousins Chad and Corey and to the Mize family, too who have spectacular taste in puppy dogs!)

Oh... and she asked me to brag for her a bit... yesterday and today she has taken all of her meals by bottle and despite trying really hard to fall asleep during the final stages of many meals, she basically finished all of them. She is doing wonderfully! She now weighs 5 pounds 3.6ounces. Hopefully she will gain again tomorrow and this crib business will seem like the right thing for her.

Have a restful night...oh... and stay warm!

The Lovell Family


sandy.fisher said...

Baby are so lucky to have such wonderful parents. I can't wait till you get old enough to read this site, just so you can see how excited your Mom and Dad are to have you here. I am anxiously waiting my personal introduction. Soon those little hands will be big enough to hold a stamp block and Mommy will have you cropping away. Always......Ms. Sandy (F. - since there are so many of us)

Trisha said...

OMG! I am so proud of you Allie! You are so strong! Sooner or later you will be home and Auntie Trisha can come babysit you! Now, keep up the good work! Gain weight, and eat all your meals!


Love, Auntie Trisha

Holly Kincaid said...

That is the cutest baby I have ever seen! I can't wait until she comes home for good, then you can call me over for play time!!!!

Cousin Vicky in Texas said...

Oh how exciting to see Allie in the crib. I will continue my prayers for her & you, Tim. I'm planning a visit to Birmingham 2/20/08-2/23/08 hopefully, Allie will be home by then & I can come & meet her "live & in person."

Love to all.