Monday, April 14, 2008

Homeward Bound!

We are going home on Tuesday!!!

Allie rests after the final IV is removed. Sleep well Allie, tomorrow you go home again.

Day 15 of our journey... two full weeks after arriving, Allie gets to leave the building and get on with her wonderful life. Thank you to all the wonderful people that have taken such great care of us and for the surgeon and his staff and the cardiologists and all of the terrific and skilled doctors and nurses and staff at UAB. I'm so glad you all know how to care for the little precious ones like Allie. (And keep her big parents calm).

While I'm at it... I wanted to say thank you to all of you that read our blog, pray for us and send us well wishes. It has made this journey so much easier to have that support. I want to personally thank our friends and coworkers at Compass Bank that have made sure we were taken care of during this time. Under the organization of Sandy Fisher, during this ordeal, they have made sure we had delicious meals for every meal and had our daily Starbucks (yes, I'm hooked now), soft drinks and snacks. They have worked together as a team (which Compass employees do naturally anyway) and helped us through this difficult time. The communication provided to all of our friends and family allowed everyone to stay up with the news and allowed us to focus on Allie rather than repeating the daily updates on the phone. We are sure we don't deserve all the kindness that has been bestoyed on us, but we are told it isn't about us anymore, it is all about Allie and it is clear she does deserve it. :-) We hope some day we can repay all the generosity you have given us in some way. Thank you, Sandy, for organizing all of this and for all of you for helping out. Thank you very very much.

For all of you that have been sending cards and leaving messages - thank you. It is amazing to me that this little girl has already done so much good in our lives and brought so many people together. A good friend reminded me the other day that after I found out about little Allie I told her that I believed Allie would do a lot of good in her life and bring a lot of people together and touch a lot of lives. She agreed with me, but neither of us every knew how much Allie could accomplish in less than 5 months. I believe Allie is going to do wonderful things and we will all benefit from knowing her. Thank you again for all of the love and support you - our Internet friends, our friends of friends, our associates, our acquaintances, our friends and family members. Thank you to our employers and specifically our direct managers, your understanding, compassion and patience have made this difficult time easier.

To our very closest friends and family , we cannot explain how much we appreciate all that you've done. You know who you are and what you have done and how much we appreciate it. Although you'd say you don't need it, a special shout out to Christena Bader, Sandy Morrison, Melissa O'Brien and Shea Dailey - you guys are the best! Thanks for loving us and Allie so much.

Sincerely, with love,
The Lovell Family


Anonymous said...

That's so awesome! I'm glad you guys are finally getting to go home...again! I know Allie will be so much happier!

The Wilkes

Cathy S. said...

Going home! That's the best news ever! If I've ever seen evidence of the power of prayer, it's been the amazing progress little Allie has made. If anyone ever doubts the power of prayer, you can just tell her about Allie's amazing journey. I'm sure her journey's just now beginning as you get her home and hopefully get onto getting to have the wonderful life you've always dreamed of with your little angel! You can tell by all the sweet pictures of her, what a little angel she really is. She's God's special blessing brought down to this earth! I can't wait to meet her in person when she's strong enough for you to get to bring her up here and show her off. You know, bring your daughter to work day is coming up soon. :) Okay, I guess she's technically still a little young for that just yet. Well, you can bring her to show her off anyway as soon as you're all ready.

Hope you all get to get some rest when you get home!

Larry said...

Please know that little Allie has inspired and blessed a 68 year old grandfather alone in the woods of Louisiana! What a trooper!
Larry Morrison (father of Sandy)

Savanna said...

WOO-HOO!!! I am so happy for ya'll. Little Miss Allie has been such a trooper, along with Mommy & Daddy, it is a true testament to the power of prayer. I can't wait to come visit and shower some kisses on that sweet little face!! :)

Holly said...

I am so glad that Allie is finally home!!! We have all been praying and thinking about her daily.
Such a beautiful baby and so strong!!! I can't wait until she is all better and she can have a playdate with my little one (who by the way, is being stubborn and still hasn't made his appearance!!!!).
We love you all!!!