Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's 4AM Somewhere

Being in a hospital environment and being a new Mommy, I find I "see" 4AM more than I thought I'd like.

This morning, my nice vital signs nurse came in and we got to talking. I amaze myself that I will wake up and ask questions without even realizing I should - and am allowed - to continue to sleep. Anyway, it began with her telling me how quiet and sweet Allie was being. Yes, awake, but oh so quiet. After she left, I couldn't help myself and got up and proceeded to go to the crib and give little Mighty Bit a nice squeeze and kiss and when I looked into her face I got the most beautiful SMILE you've ever seen. Oh! So worth it! Why didn't anyone tell me 4AM was such a blessing???

Have a wonderful weekend from your very in love new Mommy. Oh.. and from Ms. Grins herself, too.


Smiley said...

Friday's pictures are TOO adorably perfect! That's our girl! So happy she's smiling & 'being happy' more. She'll be home in no time! Miss you all! Sandy M.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy and Tim! Allie is gorgeous! The pictures of her are so sweet and she is so precious. I'm glad that everything is going well. I know how you feel to be a "Mommy in love"! It's a feeling that lasts forever!

Linda Wirth said...

Brian and I are delighted that Allie has done so amazingly well. Now if Mommy and Daddy could catch up on a little much needed rest the world would be "A-OK".

We have been monitoring the emails that have been coming in every day and feel we are right there with you. Keep up the great work Allie, you're in the home stretch!


Tom & Brian

Anonymous said...

Dear Allie: We are so proud and happy at the strength and resolve you continue to show in getting better day by day. Your blog comments and pictures are great!

You - if possible - are more beautiful every day! The picture of Mom and you sticking your tongues out at each other is great!, however if you stick your tongue out at Mom in later years Mom may have a 'message' for you.

Our trip to see you has been set back a little by your extended hospital stay ... SO GET YOU ACT TOGETHER AND GET HOME SOON! ... because I just can;t wait to see and hold you.

love, Grandpa

Tracy said...

I LOVE the picture of Allie & Sandy sticking their tongues out at each other! How funny! I hope you guys get to go home soon. She's such a beautiful and brave little girl. Also, thanks for keeping us updated with the blog. What a good mom!

Danielle Pelkey said...

You do not know me, but I have been following your blog through a friend of mine, Sharon Hargreaves. She asked me to pray for you and thought that if I saw Allie I would be able to pray better for her. That was the absolute truth. I recently found out that I am pregnant with my second baby and I have cried and laughed while reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your experience and for allowing us to see into yours and Alley's life. She is an amazing and beautiful little girl. The Lord has truly blessed through these circumstances and she will always know that God has big plans for her life because of this. I can't imagine being where you are, but you are such an inspiration. I want you to know that I am praying for you and your family and please keep us updated! "AIN'T GOD GOOD!"