Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hush Hush Little Baby

Day 9 at UAB... we are in a room!!!!

Yes... Allie has gone through another graduation day and is in a room and out of CICU!!

However, she didn't seem to feel well today at all. I can't say that I blame her. She was fussy all day long. Aside from rocking, singing, dancing, book reading, hugging and kissing, we tried Tylenol... we tried milk... we tried aspirin... we tried milk... we tried Motrin... we tried milk .. we tried Benadryl... SUCCESS! She slept for a full hour. Then, woke up to look around and drink some milk. She is now resting again, and after a 12 hour break from resting, we knew she needed it. While writing this blog, she did wake up, we gave her some medicines and I read The Little Engine That Could to her. How fitting, right? She really watched each page and paid attention. That is my little Allie! She is beginning to act more like herself every moment now. She is now falling asleep to her Allie-Lullabys.

Poor little Allie has a lot of healing to go. Her chest xrays are still showing things are fine and we know we will have many follow up appointments. I'm sure we will learn more about the existing VSD as time goes on. Stitches will remain for a bit. Her stitches in her wrist were removed and we are putting ointment on them to help heal them up a bit. She has two nasty sores on the back of her head from when she couldn't be moved due to her open chest, but hopefully they don't bug her as much as they would (and do) bug me. Her poor little foot where they finally got the arterial line in is a yucky looking red and blue. We are keeping close tabs on that as well.

Thanks to Shea for helping set up Allie's crib with all of her neat things that so many people have given her. She is one lucky lady and her crib away from home is just as nice as her crib at home! Our friend, Tommy, also stopped by to do a breathing treatment on Allie. He is a respiratory therapist here at UAB and luckily got Allie as a patient today. She did wonderful with the treatment of course.

All in all a good day, but seems like it was a stressful day for baby and her parents. I give kudos to Daddy. I was exhausted today from the start and he just jumped right in and kept things rolling along excellently. Thanks, honey! It is great to have a partner in parenting like you!
Good night from Allie's hospital room.


Anonymous said...

that is absolutely the most beautiful picture in last night's blog... I can't wait to see y'all... hang in there. Liz

Savanna Carson said...

What a sweet little face!!! Glad to hear all is well!!!

Katie said...

I am so glad that you are doing so well. I cannot imagine the feeling of having your baby back in your arms again. We continue to pray for you to have strength.

We hope to see you soon!
Katie and LeLe

Trisha said...

Hi little one

I'm so happy that you are being strong and hanging in there. I see that you have your Minnie Mouse by your side...remind Mommy to show it to you 7-10 times a day.

I can't wait to come see you and hold you in my arms again! Stay strong little girl! I love you!

Auntie Trisha

Anonymous said...

We are delighted you 3 are together again. Love and kisses to you all and enjoy that little miracle. See you soon,


Aunt Tammy said...

Hi Allie:
You somehow look more beautiful today than ever! I am so proud of you. Keep fighting and soon you will be home right where you belong.
Love you! Aunt Tammy