Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Milk... It Does A Baby Good

We all know Allie was hungry. Goodness... she is her Mommy's daughter afterall. It has been since Wednesday, April 2nd at 4AM that she had her last meal. Early this morning, they tried to give Allie some sugar water, but she didn't want anything to do with it. So, reinforcements were called in. We got here for the 9AM visit and they asked if I, the Mommy, would like to feed her. Yep... you know the answer. I tried and was successful. She just seemed to want a familiar bottle with a familiar fluid and a familiar face near her. Clearly, her throat hurts a bit as she had that ventilator in her throat for quite a while. She is a bit scratchy and horse sounding, but we can hear her cute little babbles. She seems to have a lot to tell us. I think she is trying to say "do you know what they did to me?", "let's go home!", and "please tell me this is not the DisneyWorld you told me about!!" She is a bit fussy - who wouldn't be? - but, she is really doing fantastic and the nurses and doctors are getting a glimpse at our sweet and patient little girl. They said when she has been awake she mostly looks around and seems to take it all in. They even hung her little lion above her. Good news is that she has a good cry. We know it isn't often, but when she does cry it is strong and they said that is very helpful. In adults, they would ask us to cough to help clear the lungs and get everything moving. It is rather hard to get a 4 month old to cough on cue (or do anything on cue, right?). So, the strong cry is a good thing.

There is a strong chance Allie will be sent to a room tomorrow! Yes! That is just a whole lot closer to the front door. We will get one on one training with her to make sure we know how to take care of her with medicines and holding her and I'll get to see her all the time. whoo hoo! Then... we will be on our way home with this behind us.

The doctors did do an ECHO (xray type thing of her heart) today and they have informed us that she still has a small VSD. This is not uncommon they assure us. They also assure us that it will close on its own, but they can't say when. Let's just say between now and her Preschool Graduation. It will be fine and they said she is doing well.

I do want to mention that the people at these hospitals are amazing. While being here, we have sat with families that have loved ones under going similar surgeries to Allie's on babies one week old, one year old, 3 years old and all other ages. We've also sat as we've heard of successful heart transplants (two since we've been here that we know of) and lung transplants (also two since we've been here). We've heard of bypass surgeries, lung surgeries, and so many others. The people we've sat with and comforted and been comforted by have been amazingly strong and wonderful people. Our prayers continue to go out to them and we are joyful when we see the doctors working miracles in their lives as well. We are blessed to live so close to such an amazing hospital and group of doctors, nurses and surgeons. Kudos to UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham) Medical Center!

We are moving forward so quickly.

Thanks for sharing our journey with us.


Anonymous said...

Sandy & Tim,
I am so happy for you both. What a blessing to hold her and put behind you the stress of last week. Wow, Thank you Jesus. You have given us back this little angel. We will look forward to holding and spending time with Allie real soon.

Love, Granma

Bonnie said...

I don't know much about blogs and posting comments. Yikes! I just wanted to let you know I'm keeping up with Allie's progress. I'm reading e-mailed updates and the blog updates often. I'm sorry I haven't been back to see all of you. I've spread the word to the "Inez branch" of the family and we're all praying. Love, Bonnie

Shelly said...

Sandy & Tim, We are all so happy to hear Allie is doing so well. She is a beauty!!! I can not get over how she has grown since our NICU days at Shelby. We hope to make it up to see you guys soon. Daniel said to send his best girl Allie a special hug from him. Shelly, Wayne and Daniel Smith